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“Anya, rejoice that men are interested in you,” one of the women says when she finds out the reason for the extraordinary meeting. Anna, a student at a pedagogical university, flinches. The girl has been living in a ten-story building on Novosibirsk Street for the fifth year, she moved to her grandmother's apartment when she entered university. But over the past few days, the girl, because of such interest, is scared to go into the staircase alone.
It all started on April 1st. Anya, as usual, was returning home from work, called the elevator.
When the doors opened on my floor, an unfamiliar man stood in front of me. I started to go out, but he tried to push me back in the doorway, raised his skirt. I escaped with difficulty. I went home without understanding anything. That was a shock.
On December 17, Anna again faced the same person.
I was returning from the store with purchases. An elevator was called on the ground floor, she entered alone, when suddenly the same man flew in to me. I recognized right away. I outweighed the bag of food on one arm, prepared to fight back. He began to grab me, touch my chest. I screamed, tried to hit him. Then the elevator doors opened on my floor, I went out. It was all the neighbor saw me screaming at him that I would call the police. And again – shock, fear … I went to the police, wrote a statement, he was officially accepted.
A few days later, Anya went to accompany her husband's relative. At the entrance, they again ran into a stranger. He went to the girls, became interested in why they did not go into the porch.
The police Ane promised to hold a conversation for 30 days. Then she decided to assemble a meeting of tenants. Apart from Anna and her husband, six people came to him, mostly pensioners.
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meeting of tenants

– What kind of bug appeared. We’ve been living in this house for thirty years, it’s never happened before, ”says Tatyana. The woman was a senior for several years on the porch, but then left this post. He says the reason is that she’s just tired. "You do for people, you do, but they are not happy with everything, and each requires his own." – This is either a lodger, or some kind of crazy one. Everything changes here, you do not have time to remember. Here, half of the apartments for rent and half of the tenants.

“We need to call security,” someone suggests.

– No, the guard will not go. You have to go to the police, ”Tatyana says confidently. – They got you, you go.

“On April 1, I went to the district police officer,” says Anya. – He asked me for age – at that time I was twenty. He asked if there were any witnesses. There were none. There were no cameras either. I was convinced that it makes no sense to write statements. They took a phone number, said they would come. But no one came. We also went around the week, explained the situation. She said that I was scared for my life. Now he just touched his hand, but what if he has a knife next time?

“There was a police in April,” recalls one of those present. – They came to us, asked if we had heard something.

“Why didn’t you come to me then?” – the girl is surprised. – I did not describe him. I do not know where he lives, what is his name.

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In Russia, there are no official statistics on how many people are subjected to sexual harassment. Psychologists say that harm from such actions can be tantamount to harm from rape. In February 2018, with the initiative to impose liability for harassment acted State Duma deputy Oksana Pushkina, however, deputies spoke out against the introduction of liability for harassment. So, a member of the State Duma committee on civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation, Ivan Sukharev, called this norm excessive, unnecessary and even dangerous and called for do not go on the line of feminists who go too far. “Our men are already plugged. There is no work, the salary is small, a lot of problems. And you also want to hang sexual harassment for them, ”the deputy said.
At the meeting, Anya suggested installing CCTV cameras in the elevator. She was supported by few. Access to additional costs is not ready.

– Who will follow them? Who will act as a guard? – asks Anna’s neighbor, Aunt Sveta, the one who saw how Anna fought back from harassment. “They put a camera in the sixth entrance, but there is nothing.” Let's outline the situation: a crowd of three or four people came in, began to drink. The camera saw this. Do you go out to kick out?

“No,” the woman says quietly. – We must call the guard.

– Right. That is why there is always order on the fourth and fifth floors? Because if we see strange companies, we go out and ask who they came to. If necessary, then drive away. And then they come to me from the 2nd floor, complaining that they are drunk. But are you coming to me? You pay ten rubles for security. Call. Why is everyone like that? Behind the loopholes closed! How do they live? Earlier, it always was – a holiday, go in, drink a glass. Lived like people! Now knock, they won’t even open the door for you. Everyone is afraid.

– I will not pay tenants for cameras. They create such chaos.

– So, we need to raise a question in order to evict tenants from here.

– They smoke in the entrance. I said I was so obscured.

– All the walls are painted and in holes. You just look at them.

Entrance walls "src =" https://tv2.today/Images/fcdac0c5-73f2-44a5-9f81-24b721d69474.jpg
Porch walls

Entrance walls "src =" https://tv2.today/Images/b3d34411-97f4-4cbe-b36f-e9d67bed4ad5.jpg
Porch walls

“And is there from the eighth floor?” They say that he lives on the eighth? – Anya is trying to return to the main topic of the meeting.

– Who is he?

“A man who has a woman's paws,” Aunt Sveta prints.

“I live on the eighth,” says one of those present. – But he goes higher. Chunky, blond with a nasty face. He has a hedgehog on his head. He also pestered me. He was drunk. Then I went with my husband, met him. He went out, I said that it was he who molested. The husband began to boil, saying that you did not tell me. And I say that now to speak – he is sober. Maybe he doesn't even remember anything.

“This is also the case with me,” recalls Aunt Sveta. “I'm going out, and he grabbed my ass.” I swore at him with very obscene words. Do you see in general who you grab by the ass? I am a grandmother, I am 72 years old.

“Was he sober?”

“Either stoned or drunk.”

“If you gather the men now, get up, go around everyone, find him and fill his face.” How I tore off Anya! I just beat him so he let her go. Then I went a little with a bruise.

– When we were in the police, we were also told, supposedly, why the husband wouldn’t figure it out manly with him. I replied that, why: so that later they would institute proceedings against him?

At the meeting, residents decided to write another, this time collective, statement. Now the police are checking. The suspect is finally detained. It turned out that he was 26 years old and in the house he lived on the ninth floor.

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Lawyer Yulia Kopeikina notes that the girl did everything right – she turned to the police and wrote a detailed statement. In her experience, the young man faces a criminal case under the article "Hooliganism", he can get off with a fine. Although the Criminal Code contains an article on other acts of a sexual nature, including inducing them (133 CC). However, cases under this article are extremely rare. According to TV2, in 2018 – 2019, the court only reached one thing.

Lawyers note that Anya can also file a civil claim for compensation for moral damage. The amount of compensation will be determined by the court.

Anya still continues to carry a pepper spray. And the other day, on the advice of a neighbor, I bought a stun gun.

“We have strange legislation. According to it, it turns out that since you are an adult, then any man can fuck you on the street. And he won’t even get anything for it. ”

Anya and her pepper spray "src =" https://tv2.today/Images/7b337593-5ce7-4018-b7f4-01e47b23e5bf.jpg

Anya and her pepper spray

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