The daughter of Alexei Makarov refused to communicate with him


Alexey MakarovAlexey Makarov

At first, the girl was very worried, but over time, tears replaced the indifference and unwillingness to see the star dad. Fans of Alexei are very surprised, because a year ago everything seemed to be good in this family: the girl talked to him, despite the fact that he did not live with his mother.

Varya Makarova: “Daddy constantly makes me laugh”

“Varya cried the first time. Now she’s calmed down, admitted Bogatyreva, whose romance with the actor began during the filming of the film “First Attempt”. “I hope she and the crisis have passed.”

Previously, Alexei took great care of his former family – he rented a nice apartment for him next to a prestigious school, arranged an heiress there. As the reasons for the disappearance, Vika called the ex-spouse's employment, as well as new relationships in which he could plunge headlong.

Varya is no longer burning with a desire to talk with dad

Varya is no longer burning with a desire to talk with dad

However, after Bogatyreva voiced her dissatisfaction, the actor seems to have woken up conscience. And the story continued.

“Alexey called recently, he wanted to see Varya,” she shared with StarHit. – But now the child does not want to meet, the girl is adult and understands everything. Offended by him for lack of love. After all, he was originally estranged. And dad is not from case to case, but a constant concept. By the way, part of the alimony also came to us – the amount is slightly more than the cost of living. ”

By the way, about the improper performance of paternal duties by Makarov became known recently. On this occasion, the director Yegor Konchalovsky spoke out. “This is an acting profession. It implies some inconstancy. Unstable emotional state. The actors have a very mobile psyche. If the question is what to do, then you need to count less. It’s not necessary to bring to a state if this person is not nearby, then it’s rubbish, ”he said.

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