The guy made the game when he was 12, and after 25 years it will be streamed


The programmer made the game when he was 12, and after 25 years he saw how it was streamed.

The programmer made the game when he was a child, and lost it, but after 25 years he had to face his past: his creation fell into the hands of the streamer. The player did not appreciate the result of the work of the 12-year-old boy, but the programmer was not very upset. Instead, he conducted an investigation, found out how the game went to the streamer, and decided what to do next.

Rick Brewster, a successful programmer, in 1994, becoming interested in game design, tried to create his first game, writes Kotaku. Then the guy was only 12 years old, and he was inspired by the text adventure that he saw in the textbook on game development.

The creation of the 12-year-old Rick was called "The Golden Flute" IV: the flute of immortality "and was a simple RPG. In the game, you had to choose a hero class and go explore the world map, randomly meeting other characters. Of course, the traditional option of purchasing supplies in neighboring cities was also present. Well, and where without the main boss? He was placed in a random location, and a victory over him marked the end of the passage. It was just an experiment from a boy studying game development, and the Golden Flute was destined to get lost.

I made one installable copy on 3.5-inch 720K drives and sent it to my cousin, who lived on the coast, and that’s all, Rick admits.

These discs were probably lost, and no reproducible copy of the game was preserved.

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The programmer made the game when he was 12, and after 25 years he saw how it was streamed.

But the “Golden Flute” was nevertheless returned from nonexistence (apparently, Rick called this part of the game “The Flute of Immortality” for good reason). Streamer Macaw45, which specializes in old and little-known games, somehow got the work of Rick. The broadcast of the passage of the Golden Flute, the guy conducted on December 23rd at his stream channel on Twitch, and he didn’t appreciate the work of 12-year-old Rick.

She is not very well balanced. It's like a fucking attempt by this dude to make an RPG, ”the guy said.

In his twitter the author of the game suggested exactly how his old game could surf the web. The programmer believes that his cousin probably uploaded the game on BBS to the Frostbyte online archive, which is a collection of old games.

Many people do not want to see their children's work and are even ashamed of it, but this is definitely not about Rick Brewster. The programmer is about to release the second and third parts of the Golden Flute.

Yeah why not? Yesterday I was looking for her, but could not find it. The disks may be somewhere in my parents' house, I need to ask them, ”Rick said.

Thus, after 25 years, the Golden Flute not only returned to life, but also entered a new round of its evolution. Maybe in his spare time, Rick will even develop another part, and not only Macaw45, but also other RPG fans will stream it.

Game developers are generally fun and imaginative people, and sometimes their inventions cause mixed feelings. The guy came up with a game, the only way to go through which is to wait 400 days, and perhaps it will make you cry (not just from boredom).

True, not only those who create games know how to surprise. Those who pass them are not far behind. The streamer went through a difficult game without the use of hands, and for the passage he needed only willpower and chin.


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