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More than three years after the referendum on Britain’s exit from the EU, the House of Commons in London approved the Brexit bill. On Thursday, January 9, 330 deputies supported the document in the third reading, 231 parliamentarians voted against.

“The time has come to implement Brexit. This law will ensure this,” said Stephen Barkley, UK Secretary for Exit from the EU.

Bill will go to the House of Lords

Now the bill on the procedure and conditions for the United Kingdom to leave the EU will be submitted to the House of Lords. If members of the upper house make changes to the document, it will be submitted to the House of Commons for a new discussion. However, it is expected that the House of Lords will follow the decision of the lower house and approve the bill before the planned Brexit date on January 31.

In the recent extraordinary elections, conservatives led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson won the vast majority of seats in parliament and, as a result, were able to overcome the Brexit blockade. Johnson and his predecessor, Theresa May, have previously made numerous unsuccessful attempts to pass the Brexit agreement through the House of Commons.

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