Lily-Rose Depp and Timothy Chalame and other couples of the year: 12 months


Lily Rose Depp and Timothy Chalamet

Timothy, a 23-year-old newcomer to the Dream Factory, who became famous after the drama “Call Me Your Name”, has a nice tradition: he goes to social events with his mother. in January on the Golden Globe, contrary to expectations, he did not appear at all accompanied by the beauty Lily-Rose. However, from the embarrassing questions about her lover – the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp – this did not save Chalame. In a literal sense, he was speechless questioned by the journalist Access, whether he plans to see his girlfriend later. Mumbled in an instant, Timothy bursting with paint, was interrupted by her mother, tactfully changing the topic of conversation.

By that time, Lily-Rose’s romance with the aspiring actor was in full swing. The tabloids already had an entire album of joint pictures: here they are tenderly hugging in New York, walking, holding hands, in Paris and passionately kissing on a yacht in Italy. But the couple was in no hurry to officially confirm their status. It is believed that their romance began in the summer of 2018 – on the set of "King". In the historical drama based on the works of William Shakespeare, Chalame got the role of Henry V, and Depp – his wife Catherine Valois. At the premiere film as part of the Venice CinemaDuring the festival, the lovers made their first joint exit on the red carpet, leaving, however, tenderness beyond the reach of the cameras of reporters.Lily Rose and Timothy do not allow themselves vivid manifestations of feelings in public. On the red carpet they keep a little distance and try not to get caught

Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman

"I was in training and seemed a little drunk. Candles were burning, Nina Simon was singing. He hugged me, and I felt his heart beating furiously. At that moment I was scared for him!" – recalls his engagement Zoe. In February This year, he and Karl celebrated exactly the year they decided to get married. One of the most fashionable couples in New York was in no hurry with the wedding: they managed to find a suitable date in the busy schedule of the two sought-after actors only in late spring.

With Glusman, the daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet met in 2016. They met at a bar where friends brought them. Karl had been in love with Zoe for some time, but because of the excitement over the evening, he never said a word to her. Kravitz took the initiative herself. Seeing how the object of her attention, from which she had not taken her brown eyes for an hour, was going home, Zoe overtook him at the exit, pretending to go out to call. Having completed the “important conversation”, she invited Karl to join her at the after-party … A few months later he moved to her fashionable apartment in Brooklyn. “With him, I can be the strangest and most real version of myself. It’s so reassuring when there’s a person nearby who you can’t pretend to be,” says Kravitz.

Hayley Baldwin and Justin Bieber

For those who think that modern youth has nothing sacred, this couple is always ready to answer. Stephen's daughter and niece of Alec Baldwin, brothers known for their nasty disposition and alcohol addiction, Haley at the age of 23 is already an exemplary wife without a hint of a history of scandals. Her chosen one is singer Justin Bieber, in the past a rebel, in the present a humble Christian. They got married after three months of relationship, but before having gone through a thematic – wedding – five-week lecture course in the church. There they were told about the meaning of marriage, explained how it was appropriate for spouses to resolve conflict situations, manage the general budget, and, most importantly, when you can enter into intimate relationships.

The latter then especially worried Justin, about which the musician frankly told in March American Vogue Room. Future spouses met at a turning point in Bieber's life. In an interview, the singer admitted that at that time he had been observing voluntary celibacy for more than a year: “I thought that without sex I could become closer to God and control my sex drive. I wanted to redirect energy. I understood that it would be better for my soul. And finally God heard me and sent me Haley. " Justin explains that in his life there was little stability and trust, but a sensible and serious Baldwin was able to fill these voids. This year they celebrated the first wedding anniversary. Haley admits that marriage is not easy, but relationships are definitely worth working on. Justin is looking forward to the “next season”: the plans – the children! "With you, everything has made sense. I'm glad that my younger brothers and sisters will see another example of a healthy and strong marriage." / Justin Bieber /

Jayden Smith and Odessa Adlon

He is the son of actor Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett Smith, she is the daughter of Hollywood producer Pamela Adlon and German screenwriter Felix Adlon. Both of them are immersed in creativity: they record songs and act on television, and also, like many modern teenagers, are concerned about the future of the planet and are involved in various environmental projects. Jaden and Odessa for about two years together, although in this april the American media persistently "bred" lovers – then a rumor leaked to the press that young Smith had found a new passion at the Coachella festival and kissed her backstage the whole evening. But Odessa is no stranger to such gossip. Smith likes to provoke: not so long ago, he shocked fans with a statement that he was dating rapper Tyler, the Creator. The recognition was first recorded on the cameras of smartphones that came to Jaden’s performance in Los Angeles, and after a while – on the air of Apple Music eats radio: "I confirm, everything is so." Odessa did not react to the statements of her boyfriend."It seems to people that relationships will make them whole. The opposite is true! Only whole people can form a cool pair."

Iris Lowe and Jirell Roberts

In May In the Instagram account of the daughter of Judah Law and Sadie Frost, a photograph of a man’s hand appeared again – in tiny tattoos and with gold rings on long fingers. It was not difficult for subscribers who were following the ups and downs of Iris's personal life to understand who squeezes the girl’s shoulder in this frame: this is a clip maker, a beginner jeweler, a fashion model and her boyfriend Jirell Roberts. Their romance became known in the fall of 2018, when reporters caught them leaving the Chanel party at London's Annabel’s club.

This summer the couple spent on a cruise in Europe. Young people studied France and Italy from the side of a luxury yacht. The company was made up of their mother, Iris, and her best friend, model Kate Moss. To date, the relationship of our heroes has passed the test of joint vacation, meeting with parents and even a common business: Jirell leads his own brand of jewelry Try to Be Happy, and Iris advertises it not without pleasure, getting in exchange the opportunity to try on laconic earrings and gold rings in the first place and silver boyfriend authorship.“I don’t like marriage as an idea. Love is an endless party. Why does anyone think they can set the rules in it?” / Iris Lowe /

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin

Unraveling the tangle of family ties in Dakota is a painstaking but curious business. Her mother is the actress Melanie Griffith, who gained fame for her role in the crime thriller Brian de Palma, “The Underbody”. Her grandmother is actress Tippy Hedren, who starred with Alfred Hitchcock in Marnie and Birds. Dakota's father, Don Johnson, is also an actor. His hobby is series like Detective Nash Bridges and Miami Police. It is difficult to imagine that a child in such a family could have a different fate than devoting his life to acting. From parents, Dakota adopted not only a profession – she is also impulsive in love. Melanie and Don were married twice: the first time – six months, the second – seven years.

Now Dakota is dating Chris Martin, the frontman of Coldplay. Together they are a little over two years old, but the American press is tired of writing about their breakups and reunions. Last quarrel happened in June: The separation lasted two months. The ex-wife of the musician, actress and wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow helped make peace with Dakota and Chris, who, by the way, brings up two children from him – the daughter of Apple and the son of Moses. Former spouses maintain a warm relationship and regularly go on paired dates. So, Gwyneth, confident that it was better for Dakota not to find a girl for Chris, took their relationship in the summer in her hands and convinced the ex and his girlfriend to go to the world. Johnson celebrated the 30th anniversary this fall with a boisterous party in Malibu. It is easy to guess that the first invitation to the festival was her personal Paltrow cupid.

Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn

In July A number of major record labels, including Universal, offered the folk group The Soundflowers a contract. Being real hippies, the musicians refused: work for the corporation is not in their rules. The decision was made collectively and without too much drama. This was all the more easy to do because there were only two people in the group: Paris and her boyfriend Gabriel.

Creative ups are not the only thing this pair had to endure: at the beginning of the year, the film “Leaving Neverland” was released on BO. In the documentary, two men described how they experienced sexual abuse by Michael Jackson in childhood. Paris, the only daughter of the pop king, immediately attacked the press, demanding an explanation from her. The girl refused to comment and continued to lead her usual life: she is sure that her father is innocent. A few months later, TMZ, citing police officers, reported that Paris was hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Jackson herself never confirmed this news, nor did her boyfriend, who has been her main defense and support for a year and a half.

Lucas Portman and Mila Razafi

The 17-year-old son of Natalia Vodianova and British aristocrat Justin Trevor Berkeley Portman, it seems, only yesterday walked under the table, and today he is a cut above his famous mother and leads an adult independent life. According to the model, the eldest son is immersed in the study of business theories, constantly watches TED Talk about brand building and, "apparently, is saving up money for a startup." Among his other hobbies are charity. Which, in general, is not surprising. “My friends and I want to make a project for an orphanage in Romania. Children will paint, we will sell their drawings, and the money will be transferred to the shelter,” Lucas told Vogue in an interview. In addition, not so long ago, the young man made his debut on the catwalk, taking part in the Balmain show.

Two years ago, another item appeared on this "adult" list of Lucas' hobbies – ongoing relationships. His girlfriend's name is Mila Razafi, and she leads a closed lifestyle. The only and most important thing that is known about her is that her boyfriend adores the girl. "Even God himself can’t sink this ship," Lucas signed the picture that appeared on his Instagram account. in August. In the frame (photo on the right), lovers repeat the scene from the movie "Titanic". Portman's subscribers were delighted with such romance and unanimously proclaimed: this is love!

“It was crazy two years. But every second was worth it.” / Lucas Portman /

Mila has already met members of a large Lucas family. The girl is invited to holidays and trips to Europe. Apparently, Natalia Vodianova approved the choice of a son

Sophia Richie and Scott Disick

“Finding a person with whom you will be truly comfortable is very difficult. Until Sofia, I was always looking for someone or something new. She turned out to be the missing piece of the puzzle. I calmed down with her and became better as a man and a man. Now it’s much easier for me to go through life, "Los Angeles showman Scott revealed in September on the air of their Flip It Like Disick program. Despite the fact that the former common-law husband Kortney Kardashian and a regular participant in the most popular American show “The Kardashian Family” used to live surrounded by television cameras and not be shy to talk directly about everything that happens in his life, he does not like to spread about his new friend Sofia. Maybe because the 21-year-old influencer is 15 years younger than him, or maybe because her father, singer Lionel Richie, does not approve of this relationship. Disik’s brother-in-law is generally hard to rejoice at: three children, a course of treatment for alcohol dependence, a womanizer’s reputation … So it is not surprising that his romance with young Sofia was predicted to come soon. But they have been together for more than two years now and, it seems, are in love with each other like never before. Sofia and Scott now live in his mansion in Hidden Hills, but they plan to move to a shared house in Malibu soon. Sophia is not wise for years and managed to establish relations not only with Scott's three children, but also with his former common-law spouse. As proof – their regular trips with such an unusual composition on vacation. "What else can a man dream of?" – comments Disik

Kaya Gerber and Pete Davidson

For several years, Pete has gone from an unknown comedian to Hollywood's most enviable groom. The question of how this "thin little stick" manages to win hearts worries a good half of the male US population. “Unfamiliar dudes come up to me on the street and say:“ Hey man, you gave me hope. ”Before that, I didn’t know that it was so scary! Damn, I’m lucky!” – jokes Pete about his phenomenal success in women. His last passion is the daughter of Cindy Crawford, model Kaya Gerber. Their romance has begun this Octoberand this is Davidson’s fourth undoubted trophy in the last year and a half.

Pete's ironic attitude towards himself can only be envied. One of the youngest comedians in the history of the program Saturday Night Live and the witty stand-up artist became a constant hero of the mass press only in the middle of 2018, and not at all because of sparkling jokes. He was brought to the front pages by the wave of popularity of the bride – the beauty-singer, without a small idol of the generation of Ariana Grande, to whom he made an offer after a few weeks of the novel. Then the main question that arose in mass media in connection with their engagement was not "why so soon?", But "why he?" While Pete’s media did not call him “pale,” “clumsy,” or “lean,” Grande dedicated songs full of love to him. In the album Sweetener, recorded during this fleeting novel, you can find the track Pete Davidson with the following words: "My whole life has been preparing me to meet with you." And in the song Thank U, Next, which appeared after the breakup, the girl thanks the Universe for getting to know Pete. And yes, their 126 days of engagement did not turn into an official marriage.

Another comedian's choice, actress Kate Beckinsale (daughter of famous British actors in the 70s), in an interview with the Los Angeles Times admitted that for the first time in her life she met someone with such "baggage": "I am very surprised at the interest that society shows towards this relationship. Even for me it’s a shock. If I didn’t like the person very much, I would have left the game. " Kate left four months later, freeing up space for another heiress of the famous surname – Margaret Cuelli, star of the movie Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood and the daughter of actress Andy MacDowell. By the way, my mother approved the novel: Pete seems very nice to her, and in general the children have a great relationship. However, the promising story ended as quickly as the previous ones. Now the American tabloids are betting again: how long will the love of Pete and Kaya live and who will be the next victim of the serial boyfriend."I treat my girls like princesses. But how could it be otherwise?" / Pete Davidson /

The relationship of the tattooed comedian and the novice model was not surprised. Kaya is perfect for Pete's type: a fair-skinned girl with dark hair and from a good family – bingo!Stella Banderas and Eli Meyer

In November the daughter of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, Stella, took to the red carpet of the Hollywood Film Awards ceremony, where the girl was invited to celebrate her father for special services to the cinema. At the event, Stella posed for photographers along with Antonio, his lover Nicole Kimpel, as well as her boyfriend named Eli. This is the first relationship between Stella that the media learned about.

There are few details of the biography of her chosen one on the Web, it is only known that he is the son of NBCUniversal Vice President Ronald Meyer, a former star agent. The wards of the Hollywood boss at different times were Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Sylvester Stallone. Eli followed in his father's footsteps and is also involved in film production. His sister, Jennifer Meyer, is a well-known jewelry designer (among her clients are Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba) and the ex-wife of actor Toby Maguire. The union of Stella with the heir to the influential Hollywood family, Antonio approves: in the summer, they vacationed together in Spain, in the actor’s villa in Marbella.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Abby Champion

Last week, December 6, the release of the film "Daniel the fake" took place, in which the main role was played by the aspiring actor and one of the sons of Arnold Schwarzenegger – Patrick. At first glance, the usual horror turned out to be a serious statement at once on several topics that are relevant to modern American society. "Мы говорим о разрушительном влиянии культуры мачизма, но в первую очередь о стигмах, связанных с психическими заболеваниями. Я очень горжусь этим проектом", – объясняет Патрик. Одной из первых оценить работу актера смогла его девушка  модель Эбби Чемпион. С ней юный Шварценеггер познакомился вскоре после громкого расставания с Майли Сайрус в 2015-м. "Эбби – моя поддержка, мой главный фанат. И это, безусловно, взаимно. Я всегда говорил, что в отношениях нужно болеть друг за друга, быть кем-то вроде чирлидера для своего партнера. Это фундамент прочного союза", – делится Патрик житейской мудростью.


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