The construction of the ice palace in Irkutsk is 80% completed


And about. The Minister of Sports of the Irkutsk Region, Ilya Reznik, reported that the infrastructure of the stadiums was brought into normative condition. Locker rooms, rooms for teams and referees have been repaired, new sports surfaces and four ice-filling machines are ready.

Ilya Reznik:
– The construction of the Center for ice hockey and speed skating with artificial ice in Irkutsk “Baikal” continues. The general construction readiness of the facility is currently 82%, 1002 people are working on the site around the clock. In accordance with the approved schedule, the work allowing to put the facility into operation is planned to be completed by March 1.

Particular attention will be paid to security issues during the World Cup. It is expected to supply the equipment necessary to ensure safety at the sports facilities involved in the competition. The issues of accommodation, meals, medical services for teams, guests, cultural programs and transport logistics are also being addressed.


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