The expert believes that the pension will grow by a thousand rubles a year


MOSCOW, Jan 18 – RIA News. The average pension in Russia until 2024 will increase annually by about 1 thousand rubles, while people have different pensions, and you should not expect everyone to receive just such an increase, Yuri Gorlin, deputy director of the Institute for Social Analysis and Forecasting of the RANEPA, told RIA Novosti.
Earlier, the head of the FIU Antov Drozdov said that the pension should grow by 18% in 3 years. According to forecasts, the average pension in the Russian Federation in 2020 should amount to 16.4 thousand rubles, in 2021 – almost 17.4 thousand rubles and in 2022 – about 18.3 thousand rubles.
As Gorlin explained, pensions are increased in accordance with the package of laws adopted in connection with the increase in the retirement age. It provides for the indexation of pensions for six years – until 2024.

"If we speak in kind, then the average pension will approximately increase annually by a thousand rubles … It is clear that different people have different (pensions – ed.) It will not be so that everyone has a thousand rubles. I now know that some people are unhappy, but it’s about the average pension, "the expert said.

He noted that inflation could affect the growth of pensions. When the package of laws was adopted, there were ideas that inflation in the Russian Federation would be about 4%. According to Gorlin, now the indexation of pensions is not only higher than inflation, but also more than expected.

"It is clear that everything can be … but so far there are no prerequisites for this (inflation growth above 4% – ed.) … Therefore, on the contrary, it turns out that indexation is even more generous than it was laid down when decisions were made on period until 2024, "said the expert.


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