Wicked witch feeds unsuspecting children in a full-fledged horror trailer Gretel and Hansel


Wicked witch feeds unsuspecting children in a full-fledged horror trailer Gretel and Hansel

Orion Pictures Studio has published a new poster and a full trailer for the fairy-tale horror Gretel and hansel, which is a rethinking of the eponymous tale of the Brothers Grimm.

The plot focuses on the girl Gretel and her younger brother Hansel, who live in the countryside. Once they have to go into a dark forest in search of food and work. But then they stumble upon a strange house in which they are met by a suspicious elderly woman.

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Many elements of the upcoming horror film clearly distinguish the new story from the cult tale. So, the creepy witch lives in a gloomy dwelling, and not in a gingerbread house. In addition, if the characters in the classic plot are 12 years old, in the film Gretel is 16 years old, and her brother is 8, which makes the girl a clear leader in the duet. Also, the importance of Gretel in the tape is indicated by the fact that it is her name that is in the title first, although in the original everything is different. In addition, in the trailer, the witch explicitly alludes to some power inside Gretel. And the old woman, it seems, wants to eat only Hansel, and his sister – to lure to the side of evil.

New and old movie posters.

The director of the film is screenwriter and director Oz Perkins, who had previously proven himself warmly received by “The Charm of Living in a House”. The main roles were played by Sofia Lillis (“It”), Sammuel Leakey (“MotherFatherSon") And Alice Krieg (Carnival Row, Silent Hill). In addition to Perkins, the script is also responsible Rob Hayes.

The premiere of Gretel and Hansel is scheduled for January 31.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZgkHjpUM8w (/ embed)

Teaser movie trailer published earlier.

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