150,000 fastest declared their income before the official start of filing documents – Economy


In reality, it was possible to file a declaration of income from Wednesday, when the test period began. By 13:00 on Friday, February 14, 148,000 electronic declarations had already been filed, of which 63,000 were sent using smart devices.

“Having looked at Facebook last night, I saw that one of my friends shared the news that without waiting for February 15, he filed a declaration without any problems. I decided to check if I could repeat his record. Everything worked out!" – told Rus.Postimees the nimble Veronica.

“I submitted my income statement ahead of schedule by chance. Initially, I was going to do as the representatives of the Tax and Customs Board asked: not to take the site by storm in the very first hours and days, and to update my contact details in advance, – Irina shared her story. – I visited the department’s website on February 13 at around 19:00. The site slowed down, but the identification went pretty quickly and they let me in. To my surprise, they didn’t ask me to update any contact information, but they offered to familiarize themselves with the declaration itself. I did not refuse. It immediately became clear that they should return a certain amount to me, and the declaration itself can already be confirmed and sent for processing. Which I did. ”

“Honestly, it happened absolutely by accident: not out of a desire to be among the first, but out of a desire to be guided by the advice and requests of the tax authorities,” she added.

And although during the test period there were no failures in the system, in order to avoid overloading the information system, NTD can limit the number of people who are simultaneously in the e-environment, which will lead to queues. In such cases, NTD experts recommend submitting a declaration of income later.

From Monday, February 17, the NTD service bureau will start issuing pre-filled income statements on paper. The deadline for submitting the declaration is April 30.

From February 26, the return of the overpaid income tax will begin to those who declared their income electronically, and from March 19 to those who filed a paper declaration. The deadline for the surcharge of income tax and the return of overpaid income tax expires on October 1.


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