Defense and arms spending in the world grew by 4% in 2019 – International panorama


LONDON, February 14th. / TASS /. World defense and arms spending in 2019 grew by 4%, exceeding $ 1.7 trillion. This is stated in a report submitted on Friday by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)

As the authors of the Military Balance report indicate, the main leaders in terms of expenditures under this item remained unchanged. The top ten includes the United States, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, the UK, France, Japan, Germany and South Korea.

The United States gap in defense and arms spending remains impressive – the country spent $ 684.6 billion last year on these goals, which is almost in line with the total spending of other countries in the top 15 list ($ 748.9 billion) and four times the joint costs all European states.

For comparison: Washington spent $ 201 billion only on research and development, as well as on the purchase of military equipment and supplies. This exceeds the entire defense budget of China ($ 181.1 billion). At the same time, both countries increased their defense spending by 6.6%, while China continues to be a regional leader in defense spending with a share of 60%.

With planned defense spending of $ 21.7 billion, Russia continues to occupy the fourth place on the list and is in third place in terms of defense investment.


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