For me personally, Kuchuk opened football from the other side –


Midfielder Rukha Ivan Brickner – about the former coach of the team Leonid Kuchuk.

Ivan Brickner, FC Rukh

Ivan Brickner, FC Rukh
February 03, 2020, 01:12

Ivan Brickner liked to play under the leadership of Leonid Kuchuk, who led Rukh on February 1, 2019, and left on December 10 last year.

“The first place is the merit of the whole team and Leonid Kuchuk. Personally, he opened football for me from the other side. I have never had so much work on tactics as under Kuchuk.”

“We went to each match as the last. There was only one positive outcome for us – victory. There were matches where we used a lot of different tactical schemes. I did a lot of rough work on the field,” cites Ivan Brickner official site Rukha.

In the current season, Rukh takes first place in the First League of Ukraine with 39 points in the asset.

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