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How wrong he was.

One of the main questions raised by the news about the Manchester City bath is what will happen next with Guardiola? The Telegraph has already written that in the summer, Pep can leave if the club does not win the appeal. The trainer's reaction is really very interesting, because he consistently supported the leadership and believed that everything would be in order.

Here is a chronology of his statements:

• For the first time, Guardiola reacted to the Football Leaks investigation on December 8, 2018: “Manchester City will not be punished. I think so, based on the explanation of the president and executive director of the club, and I trust them. If UEFA decides to punish Manchester City, then we will accept it and will move on. ”

• The next time he spoke on March 9, 2019:

– I’m absolutely not afraid that our reputation will go bad.

– Are you satisfied with the position of the club in this matter?

“Yes, absolutely.” The club is open. I hope that this will end as soon as possible, UEFA will make a decision based on what it sees. I really trust the club in their actions, because I know them.

• Two months later, on May 17, 2019, Guardiola again defended the owners of City and said that he was tired of questions about fair play: “I have said many times that I trust the club and people. We won the Premier League and recently talked about it. Sorry, if we did something wrong, they can punish us. People expect us to be guilty, but we remain innocent until proven otherwise.

I talked to the management. I know what they did. I trust them, that's all. I’m not going to answer such questions anymore. Everyone understands my opinion. Anything can happen in the future, but today we are innocent. ”

I wish I put on an invisibility cloak and look at Pep's meeting with the bosses. This will obviously be an uncomfortable conversation.

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