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heatingDuring January-March 2020, homeowners who use gas to heat their homes will pay almost 50% less for fuel delivery than in the first quarter of 2019. This was reported to our website by the press center of Dneprogaz JSC with reference to its calculations.
“Such changes became possible due to the introduction by NKREKU of a new system for paying for the delivery of blue fuel,” the report says. – According to the calculations of the company's specialists, the most beneficial new payment system will be for households using gas for heating homes. Their payments for gas delivery in the first quarter of this year will decrease by an average of half. For example, a household in the Dnieper, which consumes 1350 cubic meters. m of energy per year, for three months it will pay about 223 hryvnias instead of 441 hryvnias according to the old system of payment for gas supply services.
Consumption according to NKREKU (cubic meters)
January – 269, February – 247, March – 271
Payment in 2019 (UAH)
January – 150, 64, February – 138.32, March – 151, 76, total: 440.72
Payment in 2020
January –74.25, February –74.25, March – 74.25, total: 222.75
“The main advantages of the new gas delivery payment system are the uniformity of payments and protection from seasonal fluctuations,” explains Pavel Iotov, head of the inspection department of Dneprogaz JSC. – In winter, when consumers significantly increase fuel use, payment for gas delivery remains unchanged. Therefore, during the heating period, the financial burden of paying for gas decreases.
On December 24, 2019, NKREKU approved new tariffs for the GTS Operator and the GDS operators. Thus, the final separation of the sale of gas from its transportation was completed. Now the consumer is not tied to one supplier and has a choice. In this regard, from January 1, 2020, gas consumers received separate receipts to pay for its delivery.
The cost of gas delivery services is calculated individually for each client. The size of the fee depends only on the volume of consumption. The basis is the volume of gas consumption during the "gas year". This is the time period from October 1 to September 30. The amount of cubic meters of gas consumed during a gas year is multiplied by the distribution (delivery) tariff approved by the state regulator. The result is divided into 12 equal payments, which are paid monthly throughout the year.
As previously reported by our website, the price of gas for the population of Dnipropetrovsk in January will decrease.

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