Morozova: the game for 3rd place in the Eurotour against the Swiss was viscous – News


Goalkeeper of the Russian women's team Nadezhda Morozova summed up the match with Switzerland and the final of the Eurotour.“It was an interesting tournament, by and large, all those teams that went to the World Cup participated in it. It’s useful as an opportunity to see our rivals and draw conclusions ourselves and have time to fix some shortcomings. In principle, it worked out well for us, yes , made mistakes somewhere and failed to take first place, but everyone tried, fought, we had a good close-knit team, in which no one was indifferent to what was happening.

We lost the opening match of the tournament of the national team of Sweden – probably, they just didn’t see them for a long time and forgot a little what they are, somewhere, perhaps, they were misconfigured, somewhere confused. We will correct our shortcomings and continue to work. Plus, it was a debut for our three young girls who first played for the national team. We are very glad to them, they quickly joined the team, everyone immediately became friends.

Today's game for 3rd place against the Swiss was viscous. In the beginning, they acted not as we would like. Somewhere we didn’t carry out the coaching, because before the match we were warned that we needed to immediately increase the pace, play quickly in the pass. We somehow did not set the speed that was needed, and then it was hard to rebuild. In general, this was possible only when they themselves missed, the score was 1: 1, and there were 5 minutes left until the end. I can’t say that during the match there were many threats to our goal. But from any attack on the gate, a rebound and a danger can occur. I tried to catch everything, unfortunately, it did not work out, nevertheless I made a mistake and conceded one goal. Thank God that we won this meeting and took third place.

Before the World Cup, we have something to fix. First of all, probably, to tighten the realization of the moments, to act calmly somewhere, to look at where the opponent’s goalkeeper is located and put more throws past him, and not in the stomach, for example. Because we really have a lot of points that we ourselves did not score, the final score could be completely different, "said Morozova.


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