Nikolai Morozyuk: “At Dynamo they said:“ You have to make 12 innings or more. ”What the hell should I do 12 innings?”


Defender of Rizespore Nikolay Morozyuk in project Trendy spoke about the requirements in the modern Dynamo.

– Kolya, how many innings did you make in the first half? You have to do 12 or more. "What the hell should I do 12 innings? How can I do 12 innings? Do people have an understanding – I need to do 12 innings in half. Where does that come from? It just amazes me.

And we play on the counterattack. We had 4 counterattacks over the half, we played with Lazio – "How many innings did you make?" What the heck is filing? I twice crossed the center of the field with my feet for statistics, I’m just standing behind, ”said Morozyuk.


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