Penza Zoo on Valentine's Day held a "wedding" alpaca


SARATOV, Feb 14 – RIA Novosti. The Penza Zoo on Friday, Valentine's Day, for the first time held an "alpaca" wedding ceremony, the administration said.
"Today, for the first time, a very kind, sweet, touching event was held at the zoo – the" alpaca wedding ceremony ". The zoo employees organized a real exit ceremony: with the receptionist’s speech, wedding dresses, gifts and, of course, guests," the message says on the zoo’s page on Facebook.

“The bridegroom Hindu, as it befits him, proved to be a real gentleman – boldly led his shy bride Elsa to the registration desk, where the newlyweds took congratulations of the guests and of course tried the festive treat. While the bridegroom, officially becoming a spouse, was gobbling up“ a wedding bouquet "The beautiful bride posed with pleasure in front of the camera," the report says.

Penza Zoo with an area of ​​9.8 hectares was opened in 1981, on its territory there are three natural reservoirs, a unique collection of tree, shrub and grass species has been collected. The zoo collection includes more than 2000 animals, 186 species. The zoo receives over 160 thousand visitors annually.


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