Shepelev was overwhelmed by the revelation of life with Friske: "I do not hide that …"


Shepelev stunned by the revelation of life with Friske:

Showman Dmitry Shepelev In an interview, he spoke about relations with former common-law wife Zhanna Friske.

It is reported with a link to the Ksenia Sobchak Youtube channel.

Scandalous TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev gave an interview to Russian journalist and socialite Ksenia Sobchak. Dmitry, in particular, answered Ksenia’s question about relations with his former common-law spouse, singer Zhanna Friske.

So, Shepelev admitted that he asked himself this question and does not know how their relationship would have developed if Zhanna had not died from cancer.

“Because I know her very light, airy, irresponsible, life-loving beauty. I don’t know her mom, wife, so I can’t really answer this question to the end,” said Dmitry.

Shepelev admitted that he appreciates the memory of Jeanne and his former life, but is not going to live it. At the same time, Shepelev does not hide from his new beloved Catherine that she appreciates the past: "I do not hide from Katya that I value my old life and what was in her."

He also added that he had changed a lot after the death of Jeanne.

“It taught me and turned me around so that I feel like a different person. I am grateful for that. But I do not want to live my old life,” Shepelev said.

Note that under the video there were many negative comments regarding Shepelev.

“It seems to me a hidden tyrant: outwardly perfect, right, sweet, but inside is evil”, “Vile guy. He’s lying, twisting, wants to seem right and kind – but all lies,” “It creates the impression of a very cunning person,” “ Slippery …… He didn’t like Jeanne, for sure …. otherwise he would not doubt if they were together or not "

Recall that the ex-spouse Friske and the host of the scandalous program “Actually” lives with Ekaterina Tulupova, with whom they raise two children. Dmitry is not too much about personal life.

We also note that the reason for a new wave of gossip, in addition to permanent wars with the Friske family over the son of Plato, was the new TV presenter novel.

Dmitry is trying to pay less attention to haters, and after the death of Jeanne in 2015 from brain cancer, he devoted himself completely to raising his son and working. Moreover, recently he has been doing fine and in heart affairs. [/ embed]


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