The former husband of a resident of Baltiysk told why he was persecuting and beating her


The ex-husband of a resident of Baltiysk admitted that he was beating his ex-wife and tried to explain the reasons for this behavior. The Klops correspondent spoke to Ivan (name changed) by telephone on Friday, February 14th.

We publish a verbatim dialogue with a man.

"- Can you comment on your actions regarding your ex-wife?

– Not. I do not have communication with my ex-wife.

– I have other information: there are a number of appeals to the police, there are medical documents about the beatings, testimonies that you beat her …

– I do not deny it, it was like that.

“Why did you do this?”

– He's lying.

– In terms of? This is your ex-wife. Does she owe you something?

– How old is she to me?

“Well, you’ve been divorced for a long time.”

– Yes.

“What do you want from her then?”

– Nothing.

“Why do you do this to her and your child?”

– To the child? A child is the holiest thing I have.

– But nevertheless, after you beat your wife in front of your daughter, the child is now forced to visit a psychiatrist and psychologist …

– (sighs) Olga Batkovna, tell me, have you ever loved?

“I'm not going to talk about this with you.” I believe that what you do is a crime. I don’t know how the police qualifies this, but my opinion is.

– What is my crime?

“At least that you beat her in front of your daughter.”

– I gave the bream, yes, I agree. Not what she tells you. I am punished for this, believe me …

“Well, not yet, as far as I know.”

“You don’t know well …”

– And what I do not know? Already have a court decision?

“Yes, it’s beating …”

“Could you explain why you are chasing your ex-wife?”

“I don't pursue her.”

– What is it called?

– What?

– Dozens of calls per day, you come, watch her, beat her, call her relatives. What is it called?

“This is not a persecution.”

– What is it?

– Love.

“Why hit if you love?” You’ve been divorced for a long time, you live with another woman, are you unable to explain the words to your ex-wife?

“Did you hear that she answered me?”

“What does it matter?” She didn’t beat you?

– Olga, you are now provoking me to some frankness …

– I ask you questions, and if you do not want to comment on your actions, then you can not do it.

– I do not deny, I did as I did. And I already answered for this, believe me, already answered.

– A statement to the police, and so far you have not answered for it. You want to say that you beat your ex-wife because you love her?

– (pause, heavy sigh) No, I don’t like it anymore … "

Later, Ivan called himself and explained that he had beaten his ex-wife because she allegedly “leads to the apartment of men”. In his opinion, the wife should not do this, since the apartment belongs to the child.

Alena herself said that after talking with a journalist, the ex-husband scandalized her on the phone, accusing the woman of being "set the media on him". All this time, the man continues to call Alena and her relatives. A woman has to answer so that the former spouse does not come.

"Several times a day, he, drunk, calls me and his sister. His phone number is blocked, but the notifications that he called still come. Sometimes I have to answer to understand where he is and whether he is going to come. He he also calls his daughter. Because of his actions, the health of both the child and my mother was shaken. My mother teaches Russian language and literature at school. The other day, during her exam, her blood pressure jumped up and her nose bleeds. My daughter needed a course of psychological help. After beating is still on sick leave. my daughter and I live with our sister, because we are afraid to go home. Yesterday the neighbors called and said that they saw the former in Divny. I am afraid for the safety of the apartment and the car – I called the district police officer in Baltiysk, asked him to find out where my ex-husband is, and tell me "The policeman promised to call back, but didn’t get in touch and didn’t answer my calls. The police promised me help and protection at any time, but we still fear for our safety," said Alena.

How is the law?

Lawyer Anton Samokha commented on the situation:

“I recommend Alena to get an expert opinion on the beatings at the forensic medical examination bureau on Kievskaya Street. If she stays on sick leave for 21 days due to a brain concussion, her ex-husband’s actions can be qualified as causing lung in accordance with Article 115 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation harm to health.

If the police still regard the actions of the ex-spouse as beating under Article 6.1.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, I do not advise Alena to withdraw the application, even if they are reconciled. Within a year, his assault will already be regarded under criminal article 116.1 (“Beating”). Judging by the stories of Alena, her ex-spouse can be attracted according to Art. 167 of the Criminal Code ("Intentional damage to property").

In order to achieve punishment, I advise Alyona, on each fact of using physical force, insults, damage to property, to write a statement to the police and register it. If possible, make photo and video recordings of what is happening, collect certificates from doctors received by her, her child and other relatives in connection with this situation. Attract as many eyewitnesses as possible. The more facts about the atrocities are collected by the police, the more chances are that he will be prosecuted.

Unfortunately, in Russia it is impossible to prohibit an attacker from approaching a victim through a court. Introduce the concept of “prohibition order” is now proposed by those who promote the law on domestic violence. However, there are cases when women have won cases in the European Court of Human Rights and received compensation for the fact that Russia is unable to stop the persecutors. On July 9, 2019, the ECtHR ruled for compensation of 25,000 euros. The plaintiff complained to the police for three years about harassment by her ex-husband. Since 2016, he beat her, humiliated her, took her to another region, cut the brake hoses of the car. All this time, criminal proceedings were refused. "


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