The girl wanted a wedding, and the file came out from "How I Met Your Mother"


Wedding out

The girl had to cancel her wedding due to the betrayal of her bridegroom, but her sister gave her the shoulder of "help" and offered to "give" the finished celebration to her. The ex-bride was offended, because she counted on support, not a stab in the back. Nevertheless, she intends to confirm the cancellation, although her relatives are against it, and it is not only a matter of finances. Even the screenwriters “How I Met Your Mother” envy the plot twist of the non-wedding story, but their participation was not without them.

Anonymous user of the Reddit site in mid-January 2020 on a subreddit r / AmItheAsshole (“Am I a bastard?”) Shared the situation with her own canceled wedding and her excellent sister. As he writes Bored panda, the celebration was to be held on February 1, but at the end of December last year it turned out that her fiancé cheated on her, and the engagement was terminated. The most interesting thing is that the wedding itself has already been paid, everything necessary has been purchased, up to the bride’s dress, and the author has assumed all financial obligations, provided, of course, that her ex-future husband will fully organize their honeymoon. According to the girl, after the collapse of the relationship, she did not have emotional and physical strength to ring all and cancel all agreements. Well, close relatives gladly helped her. True, my sister was a little overdone.

Moreover, the author is sure that the sister will not return her not a penny for the “transferred” wedding. A few days after the initial post, an addition appeared in the text of the girl. She explained to her sister that holding a celebration in the place where the relative’s wedding with the traitor was supposed to be held was not a good idea. She agreed. However, here already the ex-bride went to make concessions and offered to give her a wedding if she gave her the money spent on the organization. My sister approved of this idea, but decided that she would not give back the entire amount, but only a certain part, and then not immediately. The author did not like the position of a family member, and yet she canceled all the agreements and simply returned the money.

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Other Reddit users are sure that the ex-bride did everything right, and her relatives are definitely crazy.

Surprisingly, the situation in which the girl fell into almost all the details repeats the events of the fourth season of the series "How I Met Your Mother." In the fifth episode, Ted Mosby and his fiancée Stella (spoiler: not the mother of his children), like the author’s sister, are trying to “jump onto the canceled perfect wedding of the sister of the protagonist’s partner.” By the way, in the story, the groom leaves her for another man. And in the series, she agrees to their entreaties, so Ted and Stella organize a celebration in three days.

Wedding out

Ted reads a letter from Stella

However, as subsequent events show, the cancellation in real life helped not only the girl, but also her sister, because in the series for the heroes the wedding is a nightmare, according to which Ted and Stella break up.

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