The passengers of the M-shuttles are debited twice. In deptrans explained how to pay for travel



Author: Maxim Fedorov

Samara residents complained about the fare system at the M-shuttles: you have to pay a transfer ticket twice. The transport department explained how to use such a ticket.

About the problem with the fare system told Samara resident Alexei Kazakov:

“I took the shuttle today.” He sat in the shuttle M3 in the morning, drove to the Yungorodok metro station, paying for the trip with a social card. The driver issued a ticket – as it should be written off one trip. When passing through the turnstile, I turned to the subway staff: I’m off the bus, what should I apply for a further trip, a ticket or a card again? Again the map, as I was explained. Attached – I naturally charged another trip, but it was assumed that it would not be written off.

Representatives of the Department of Transport suggestedthat "the passenger did not go through the dedicated turnstile."

– The mechanics are as follows. The ticket is printed in the shuttle. To continue the trip in the subway, you must attach a card at the highlighted turnstile – there will be no re-write-off of funds for the trip. The system is working. ”


Alexey claims that he used a special turnstile, but he was charged twice anyway.

“He’s standing there with the words 'shuttles.'” He applied there, as prompted by subway employees.

Recall, from Monday, February 3, in Samara launched special routes to metro stations. The project will be implemented in several stages. At the first stage, special buses will deliver passengers to two metro stations: Moskovskaya and Yungorodok.

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