Trump spoke about the features of the wall on the border with Mexico | In the world | Politics


US President Donald Trump spoke about the construction of a new section of the wall with a length of about 200 km on the US-Mexican border, reports TASSreferring to the speech of the American chapter in front of representatives of the border service.

As Trump specified, in different parts of the southern border by the end of the year more than 600 km of fences will be built, and soon after that more than 800 km.

According to the American president, the wall being built is painted black, which quickly heats up in the sun and does not allow it to climb. In addition, cameras, drones and other devices are used to monitor the situation at the border.

Trump noted that in recent years, cases of illegal border crossings have decreased by 75%.

“I greatly simplified your work,” the president said to border officials.

It was previously reported that the longest illegal cross-border smuggling tunnel was discovered on the southwestern border of the United States and Mexico.


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